Hull Venue

Hiring Hull Venue

The arena will have the flexibility to reduce to a 2,600 all-seated event and a 1,400m2 exhibition space plus 800 capacity conference auditorium. The arena will also be able to host large-scale banquets which have previously been unable to come to the city. Around 800 people will be catered for with enough space for stage-based entertainment and a dance floor.

Hull Venue

VIP Experience

The arena's VIP lounge can host 250 people for either pre-show entertainment and dining, or as part of a small scale workshop. The venue's flexibility is its strength as the smaller lounges can also be used as breakout spaces for larger conferences and exhibitions.

Hull Venue

Lobby Areas

The arena has a number of large bar areas, including space in the lobby. A large red staircase welcomes VIP guests, cascading up through the floor levels as one of the venue's brightest and most welcoming features.

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